How to Zoom Meeting

Greetings to all our Photographer friends!
It is time once again for our monthly “online” Guild meeting… As a refresher, here is a list of the requirements/protocols that we follow for our Zoom format.
In order to join us online you will need a Computer, either a Desktop or a laptop but make sure your computer has a functioning WEB CAMERA. This may be built into your monitor or could be a side car piece that you have added. (Update: If you do not wish to be seen/heard, you can still participate without a web camera or a microphone, Usually built into the web cam)  Additionally you may use an IOS Device like an IPHONE or an IPAD, or a phone or tablet running the Android operating system. When using a mobile device, you will need to visit the APP store for your device’s operating system. Search for and download the APP for Zoom. If you are using a computer, your meeting will run in a browser. A very good choice for browsers is either Google Chrome or if you are in the Apple environment, Safari will work well. I suspect Microsoft Internet Explorer will work as well. For the browser environments, you will not have to download (as a separate event), the application.
Meeting Invitation
On the day of our meeting (May 12th, today) you will be sent, to your email address on file, a meeting invitation. If you prefer, this can also be sent to you as a text message. In the body of the message will be a clickable link. This should launch your application (on either of the two devices, computer or mobile device), and put you into the waiting room. If you did not previously download the Zoom APP for your mobile device, you may have to go through the installation process before you are ready to enter the waiting room.
Waiting Room
As a security feature, a Zoom meeting starts with your presence being announced to the host and then the host will grant you admission to the meeting. This level of security keeps out unwanted hacking or the inadvertent participation of an unauthorized visitor to our meeting. As the meeting starts, there could be a delay as the host grants permission to lots of participants joining at the same time.
Your Presence in the Meeting
Here are some meeting etiquettes that you should follow and/or be aware of…
Please choose a location where there will be as little background noise and distractions as possible. Background noise makes it difficult for you to be heard when you speak.
As you sign on, you will see to option to join with video… please choose this. Also when given the chance to choose audio, please choose the option for audio over the computer and not the telephone. By allowing us to see you it makes it much easier to both hear you and discuss during the meeting. There is a control in the upper right hand corner of your display that will toggle you from speaker view to gallery view. Please choose gallery view, as you will be able to see all of the participants in small windows simultaneously. Depending on how many we have join us and what you are using to view the meeting, you may have to scroll to see all of the windows.
When you join the host automatically has your audio muted. In order to see menu selections, you should put your cursor or tap somewhere in the gallery and a menu will appear on the bottom of the screen. Turn on the Participants selection and the Chat selection. This will add a window/sidebar to your screen where you will be able to see a list of the participants, and it also provides a function to raise your hand. Should you like to talk, please “raise your hand” and the host will turn on your audio so that the group can hear you. Also if you need to communicate to the group you can type in the chat window and all participants will be able to see your message. These two methods of communication will facilitate a more orderly run meeting.
The Meeting Content
Through the magic of the Internet we are able to share our agenda, Keynote bullet points etc. Once the speaker shares a screen, your gallery of participants will be reduced in size, and the shared screen will occupy most of your viewing area. Through this technology we are able to share speakers, videos, presentations, and even run our photo contests.
PHOTO Contests and Voting
Yes we can do this! As a matter of fact, the way you will see our pictures displayed on your devices will be superior viewing as compared to seeing this in the meeting space. We will still run our contests, and your will be allowed to vote by virtually “raising your hand”. See above for how to turn on the participants screen, and the “raise” hand button will be near the bottom of the participant list. You can tell that you voted by seeing a raised hand that will appear in your picture box. We will ask you to leave this “raised” while we tally the votes and then the host will clear all hands and we will go on to the next photograph
Leaving or Concluding the Meeting
You may leave the meeting at any time. You will see in the bottom left hand screen the words “Leave Meeting”. Click those words and you will exit. Once the meeting is concluded the host will end the meeting at which point no additional action is required by you.
Thank you in advance for your participation and feedback as we try to navigate our way through this time of social distancing. I look forward to see you all in Cyberspace…
Chris Sigmon, Secretary