Contest Rules

Contest Categories
Subject Categories for each level

  • Names and definitions for the Three Skill Levels
    • Level 1. Hobbyist Photographer
    • Definition: Some knowledge of exposure, aperture, composition, focus, and depth of field but doesn’t know a lot about their equipment/flash, Tends to use Auto modes when shooting, little knowledge or infrequently uses editing software. Shoots on an occasional basis.
    • Level 2. Enthusiast Photographer
    • Definition: Knows a lot about their equipment and makes use of a variety of techniques in accomplishing assigned challenges, good photos technically, composition inconsistent. Uses fill flash and flash compensation settings. Photos may lack impact, drama, or creativity. Has a basic/good understanding of editing software, feels comfortable using it and uses on a regular basis. Shoots on a regular basis.
    • Level 3. Advanced Photographer
    • Definition: Thorough knowledge of equipment and uses advanced techniques, off camera flash/lighting, skilled/proficient in technical aspects and editing software. Compositions are more mature and well thought out. Frequently in the field shooting.

Subject Categories :

  1. Each Skill Level will have their own album in Flickr for Open and Preassigned subject matter. (Hobbyist, Enthusiast, and Advanced)
  2. Open Subject Matter
  3. Preassigned Subject Matter: A specific subject has been selected for the contests during those months. These Preassigned categories will be posted in various places (website, on the Library Cart at SPC, on Facebook, and in the monthly minutes. They will also be posted on a slide in the Flickr website.
  4. Other Categories. All skill levels will participate together in these categories.
  5. Creative/art -Anything goes…adding or deleting elements, using textures or composited, etc. May post TWO images per photographer in this category.
  6. Technical Challenge – Technical Challenge – Change to a voting category in 2023. Plan is for some discussion and education. Only ONE image per photographer.
  7. Critique- No voting in this category. Plan is for discussion/ education purposes. Discussion should be around the technical and compositional aspects of the picture. Photographer can not add or subtract elements, but they can process in editing software. Submissions are limited to ONE per member.

Photography Contest Rules 2023

The Spartanburg Photo Guild maintains a group of contest albums on the Flickr website, where paid members can submit photos for monthly contests. These albums will vary from month to month based on our category calendar. Paid members will be given instructions and password information to post images in the appropriate albums. The photos will be viewed at the Guild meetings, where members attending may vote to select their favorite images.

  1. Picture must have been taken within the last 12 months except in the Critique category
  2. Pictures can only be submitted in one category and can not be resubmitted in a later contest (except in the Critique
  3. Submissions are limited to TWO per person for the following Categories and photos will be voted on in the contest.
  4. Open subject matter
  5. Preassigned subject matter
  6. Creative/Art
  7. Submissions are limited to ONE per person for the Technical Challenge. We plan to vote on photos in this category followed
    by discussion.
  8. During our meetings each member may vote as many times in each category as the would like.
  9. Entries in the Critique category are not voted on. They are for discussion and education. Since this takes more time per
    image, only ONE image is permitted per photographer.
  10. For the Critique category a your Photo can be one that was entered in a previous contest.
  • Print Contest Rules
    1. Stick to the topic or subject as noted.
    2. Up to 3 photos may be submitted for one print contest.
    3. Pictures must have been taken or re-edited in the last 12 months.
    4. Each photo may be of any size, mounted on 11×14 foam core or matte boards.
    5. No visible watermark or artist names should be on the front.
    6. No glass, frames or 3D embellishments are allowed.
    7. Name, Title or other information should be posted on the back.
    8. Submit before the deadline.